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Arbitration: Step 1: Filing the Claim

In order to start the Arbitration process, it is necessary to file a written claim with the appropriate arbitration service and pay the filing fee. The majority of arbitration clauses in contracts will indicate the service that will hear the claim and provide the...

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Making Website Terms & Conditions Enforceable

The “duty to read” means that parties are bound by contracts to which they have given their assent even if they did not bother to read them. It is a foundational concept in contract law—so well-accepted that judicial decisions rarely mention it except in passing. But...

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Responding to Lease Defaults

Finally getting out of the basement? Signing a commercial lease is one of the largest liabilities start-ups take on, and yet still many fail to have the document negotiated properly. Most fail to totally understand the terms of the lease beyond the basics such a rent...

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A New Location for the Berney Law Firm

It has been a busy couple of weeks at the Berney Law Firm.  I moved my office from Perimeter Park back into Midtown Atlanta.  The office is housed in a beautiful 1920's home that has been used a law office building for the last twenty years. Come stop in and stay...

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$60 Million Investment to Invest Atlanta!

This is a good sign for Invest Atlanta - a great organization helping intown Atlanta revitalize certains areas with economic development loans.  The new Mayor said the money will be used to fund "catalytic development projects in low-income areas." Here is a link to...

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Corporate Update Season for 2018!

Time to Renew! Hello friends, The corporate annual renewal season for 2018 began on January 1st.  The last day to  renew your company (corporation, limited liability company, etc.) is April 1, 2018.  If you renew after that date, you will have to pay a $25.00 late fee...

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